Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Kat Report: Top 3 Strategies for Luring Mommy Into the Kat Pen

#1 - Pick something off carpet, show mommy, and then proceed to put it in mouth. Doesn't matter if it's imaginary; mommy will come to check whether or not it's something safe for me to ingest. To ensure success, run-crawl towards the center of Kat pen; this forces mommy to enter my lair. This works 90% of the time.

#2 - Start making pushing sounds. Mommy will come to check if I need a diaper change. Start running to opposite direction to make mommy chase me. Evade mommy by crawling towards center of Kat pen. If mommy doesn't enter pen, make more pushing sounds and look convincing -- watery eyes and all. This works 95% of the time.

#3 - Sit behind toy chest, hidden from mommy's view, and quietly work on removing pants. 10 minutes of quiet will make mommy get up from whatever she's doing and see what I'm up to. If she doesn't come right away, stand up and triumphantly wave pants at mommy while giving her a look that says, "If you don't come to the Kat pen, the diaper comes off next." This has a 99% success rate - mommy learned her lesson after one time of ignoring me and the pants.


  1. quiet is never good :o) wish I had my child's success rates

  2. rofl... she is such cute !!!!
    love the little stories about you and her !!!!
    CU hellerlittle
    PS.... nothing arrived???

  3. This girl has it all, beauty, brains and charm.


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