Friday, June 12, 2015

{Just sharing} A wonderful surprise in the mail!

I don't have a project to share today but I wanted to share something. I'm now on my third trimester (29 weeks this week) and getting bigger by the day, although the hubby thinks I've lost weight. (I've gained 15 pounds so far.)

Yesterday a most wonderful surprise came in the mail -- a package from the awesome Petra (hellerlittle)! I was completely caught off guard by her happy mail I teared up when I opened the package and saw the wonderful things she put together:

Inside the box were 2 cards she made and 2 gift bags. (Cool bird card, huh? I love it!)

Another shot of the goodies she sent. The card on the right is so adorable and something I can't ever make! I love that it's for my little girl -- it'll definitely go into the "Welcome home, baby" stuff I'll put together as my baby's first gift package when we bring her home from the hospital :o)

And here's what's inside the two gift bags. Eeek - they're adorable!

So thank you so much, Petra! You have made me (and my baby) so happy with these gifts you lovingly made and put together :o)


  1. Aren't babies fun?!? What a sweet and loving gift for mommy, daddy and baby girl. :-)

  2. She is such a wonderful, generous person!! What a cute, cute present -- you ROCK PETRA!! :)

  3. oh dear now I'm blushing.
    To me it was a need to surprise you.
    What could be more nearer than the birth of the "Mini Me"?
    I am glad that this small package, the trip made by sea, reaching you.
    Now I hope that the onesie suits and the little girl will be like the dog
    CU hellerlittle


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